Annie Banks is an organizer/artist in Berkeley, California, on Ohlone territories. Annie is an active member of the California Coalition for Women Prisoners and the Anti Police-Terror Project and is a student at Goddard College. Annie has been a printmaker since high school. 

“The role of cultural workers is important in our movements for justice.” 

Print #7: "Another world is possible"

Print #7: "Another world is possible"

7. Another world is possible.JPG

Title: "Another world is possible"

Medium: Original linocut print, ink on paper, 8.5 x 14 inches

Artist: Annie Banks

Date: November 2017

The final print in the series is inspired by my interview with Mickey Ellinger, who said this phrase a number of times as we spoke - with the caveat that this “another-world” will need to be envisioned, organized for, fought for and protected. Another way to look at it would be, as Mickey said to me, “Another world is possible - but it’s not guaranteed” (Ellinger, M. Personal communication. October 29, 2017). What are we doing or what will we do to make sure this another-world can emerge?

I chose to show a child’s hands releasing a Black Swallowtail Butterfly to represent the next generations that will be part of this world. The butterfly, a classic image used in many campaigns for migrant justice as well as artwork relating to prisons and freedom from incarceration, is a recurring theme in my work because these struggles are important to me and often on my mind. What would a world where everyone is free, as free as this butterfly, look like?

Interview #5: Anonymous

Print #6: "When we fight"

Print #6: "When we fight"